K & J of West Gippsland

Just a note to reiterate how thrilled we are with the new room! The doors really do have the “Wow” factor and everyone who sees them is blown away with the difference it has made not only to the house, but to our lives. It only takes a little sunlight to warm the room in winter, and by opening the main sliding doors into the house I am saving on heating bills, as it warms the whole house!

Now that summer is here we get the full effect from the amazing sunblinds you installed. As the verandah is west facing, the summer sun was doing great violence to both the house and us, almost uninhabitable on really hot days, but now the house stays cool all day. SO impressive just to flick the remote and watch them wind up or down with quiet majesty – feels so luxurious!

My big thank you is for the great after sales service you guys have given us. When one of the motors inexplicably broke down (probably my fault in misusing the remote) you did not hesitate to make the two hour drive to the country to inspect and then again to replace the whole motor (without charge). So impressed with your quiet professionalism and fantastic customer service. The icing on the cake of a deeply satisfying project.

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