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The Advantage of Using Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne

When you don’t have a lot of space in your home, every extra centimeter counts. While you wouldn’t normally think that doors take up a lot of space, a traditional door has to have room to open, so while the door itself may not be that thick, the space around it has to be kept free of furniture and clutter. This space requirement has led to the popularity of bi-fold doors in Melbourne, as they save a lot of space thanks to their unique design.

What is a Bi-Fold Door?

Bi-fold doors are comprised of two separate vertical panels that stand next to each other when the door is closed, but when the door opens the panels fold together and slide to one side of the doorframe. They are popularly used for closets, pantries, and even patios. They are popular because of their simplistic style and the fact that they save you a lot of space by actually getting smaller when they open.

Get Bi-Fold Doors in Melbourne from Elite PVC

Elite PVC provides Melbourne residents with high-quality products and a specialised service. If you’re looking to have bi-fold doors installed in your home, you’ll find a wide selection at our showroom, and when you’ve selected the doors that you want, we will install them for you. We have been in business for four years and focus on providing a product and service that will get you the most value for your money.